You don’t have to change your phone number when switching carriers. It’s easy to transfer (or “port”) phone numbers between carriers, or even to transfer a phone number from a landline to a cell phone.
With Voice-Over-IP technology, no longer is your number bound to a geographical location. Chose a number from over 7,000 locations and areas across the country!
Voicemail for the modern, technological world. With NTI Advanced Voicemail, in addition to the ability to check your messages over the phone -- notifications can be delivered directly to your email (message included). Incorporated with short and sweet US SMS (text) based notifications as well.
Jump on the web and listen to your new and saved voicemail messages, all from the simplicity of your vPanel account.
Simply specify an email address, and we'll automatically send a notification when someone has left a voicemail. In addition, choose to attach the actual voicemail (.wav file) to the email itself!
We have introduced SMS (text) notifications as an additional method for voicemail alerts. Receive a short, concise 'text' with just the essentials: Caller ID, Number, Date/Time, and message length.
Added through your vPanel account, Virtual Numbers are unique, different phone numbers that ring through to the same line as your primary NTI number (incoming only).
Enable unique voicemail mailboxes at your disposal for each individual Virtual Number assigned to the account.
Advanced Features
You asked, and we delivered. Send simple, secure 'texts' to us via cell phone and automatically configure your NTI account on the fly!
Plug it in at home, or take it with your on the road. The choice is yours!
Add and manage an unlimited amount of contact names from within vPanel. Additionally, you can create customized contact groups like family, work, and friend (or enemies!). Our Contacts System is fully integrated with other vPanel features including 'Customer Caller ID,' and 'Call Routing'.
Each and every call made from your account on the VOIPo network is logged and displayed online for your convenience and security.
Create as many speed dial codes as you can remember! With a few clicks, you can seamlessly and easily add/modify speed dial functionality for specific numbers and contacts.
Power outage? With Failover Forwarding, simply specify an alternative contact number and our system will automatically forward calls there when you're not connected to our network.
Route incoming calls with your own custom rule sets and predefined criteria.
Route outgoing calls with your own custom rule sets and predefined criteria.
Need an inbound SIP address? All accounts have one by default.
Route outgoing calls via SIP address with ease!
Know who is calling you before you ever check the phone! Assign different ringtones to incoming users, for immediate identification.
Setup an additional external number (cell, work, etc) that will ring simultaneously with your NTI line.
Not in the mood for conversation? Turn 'DND' on, and all calls will be forwarded to voicemail or a busy tone.
Standard Features
All dialing methods are handled and fully functional, with each and every account.
All accounts include fully functional Caller ID with both name and number.
Your dynamic list of vPanel contacts can override the default network Caller ID with the description of your choosing! This is particularly useful for receiving calls from a cell phone or other source that does not send a traditional Caller ID details.
While on the line, you'll receive a subtle pulse as another party dials in. Simply hit flash on your device to switch between your callers.
View the full Caller ID (name and number) of any incoming calls, even when you are already on the line.
While connected with another party,simply flash over on your phone device and dial out. Flash back, and all three parties will be joined on one line.
At the click of a button, instantly forward all calls to an alternative phone number of your choosing. Additionally, you may forward calls based on a custom pre-defined criteria (Custom Inbound Call Routing).
Block calls based upon your own unique criteria, all from the comfort of your web based vPanel account. Add specific numbers to block, or create your own custom rules, such as blocking entire area codes, or allowing only a 'whitelist' of contacts to be able to reach you.
Don't wish to disclose your information on a particular call? Not a problem. Simply dialing *67 before calling automatically blocks your outgoing Caller ID.
Swiftly call back the last person who called your VOIPo number by dialing *69.
All accounts come with 911 service enabled. Quickly update the address a 911 operator would receive within the simplicity of your vPanel account.
711 Telecommunications Relay Service (deaf and blind relay).
411 'Information' (Directory Assistance) available to all users.