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1DarrelDarrelHarvey0darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey199.44.194.104-15/10/2010 12:00:00 AM-12/8/2016 8:26:12 PM00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 darrel@nettally.com
2DHarveyDarrelHarvey0darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey -15/10/2010 12:00:00 AM-15/10/2010 12:00:00 AM  darrel@nettally.com
3awrightweldingTonyWright darrel@nettally.comTony Wright 15/11/2010 9:44:49 AM15/11/2010 9:44:53 AM  darrel@nettally.com
4Jackson-CookDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/12/2010 1:24:41 PM15/12/2010 1:24:44 PM  darrel@nettally.com
51866nobuggsDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/12/2010 10:39:16 PM15/12/2010 10:39:19 PM  darrel@nettally.com
6elp2EdPerrine eperrine@gmail.comEd Perrine199.44.194.4615/13/2010 5:46:27 PM-11/18/2016 2:44:56 PM00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 eperrine@gmail.com
7vip-realtyDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/14/2010 12:24:34 PM15/14/2010 12:24:37 PM  darrel@nettally.com
8quartermoonimportsDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/19/2010 12:15:22 PM15/20/2010 10:46:57 AM  darrel@nettally.com
9insomniartnationDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/22/2010 11:15:18 AM110/4/2010 9:14:58 AM  darrel@nettally.com
10tally-streetroddersDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/24/2010 12:24:20 PM15/24/2010 12:24:24 PM  darrel@nettally.com
11ron1985RonFowler ron1985@gmail.comRon Fowler198.252.156.1015/25/2010 11:45:56 AM-112/30/2010 8:46:09 PM  ron1985@gmail.com
12JUWJimWatts tsr-president@earthlink.netJim Watts68.35.238.15715/25/2010 11:49:20 AM-11/25/2013 5:54:16 PM  tsr-president@earthlink.net
13spriggsluxeDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 15/26/2010 9:48:05 AM15/26/2010 9:48:09 AM  darrel@nettally.com
14wolff-tanWolff-TanInc clientcare@wolff-tan.comWolff-Tan 15/27/2010 11:37:51 AM13/17/2011 10:18:01 AM  clientcare@wolff-tan.com
15goldeneagleDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 16/4/2010 11:38:49 AM16/5/2010 11:49:53 AM  darrel@nettally.com
16magicmaidsDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 16/7/2010 12:16:54 PM16/7/2010 12:17:00 PM  darrel@nettally.com
17goldeneaglehoaDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 16/8/2010 7:45:57 PM16/8/2010 7:46:01 PM  darrel@nettally.com
18hoanewsletterDarrelHarvey darrel@nettally.comDarrel Harvey 16/10/2010 10:30:27 AM16/10/2010 10:50:44 AM  darrel@nettally.com
19killearnlakeshoaKillearn LakesHOA admin@killearnlakeshoa.orgKillearn Lakes HOA 16/11/2010 11:13:31 PM17/13/2010 5:56:46 PM  admin@killearnlakeshoa.org
20dgeigerDavidGeiger heritage@dgeiger.comDavid Geiger173.163.234.3716/13/2010 12:08:46 PM-111/4/2014 1:09:37 PM00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 heritage@dgeiger.com


PLEASE NOTE: Your email address is NOT changing.


Dear valued NTIFL subscriber,

  • You can use the Quick Email Setup Tool to automatically reconfigure the settings in the following mail programs:
    • Microsoft Outlook Express
    • Microsoft Outlook 2002
    • Microsoft Outlook 2003
    • Microsoft Outlook 2007
    • Microsoft Windows Mail (not Windows Live Mail; see below)
    Download tool to update NTI Plus mail settings "This tool will NOT work with Windows Live Mail, Outlook 2010, or any other mail program not listed above." 
  • Click on the launch tool above
  • Click "Run" then click "Run Anyway" , "Continue" , or "Allow"
  • Select your email program
  • Enter your Email address
  • Then click setup

GOOGLE Apps Quick Start Guide

For more information on how to use your Email with Google Apps click here for the Google Apps Quick Start Guide

Mobile Device Setup Links

The links below provide setup instructions for mobile devices. If you do not see your device listed, please check the manufacturer's website or service provider for setup instructions.

Server Information:

  • Incoming server: pop.gmail.com
  • Incoming username: (your complete email address)
  • Incoming server requires SSL encryption on port 995
  • Outgoing server: smtp.gmail.com (requires authentication)
  • Outgoing username: (your complete email address)
  • Outgoing server requires TLS encryption on port 587 OR SSL encryption on port 465

Mobile Device: POP Setup Instructions:

Mobile Device IMAP Setup Instructions:

As we announced on August 8, 2011, NTI (NetTally) will be launching our new email and collaboration services, which is now powered by Google Apps™, in October 2011.

Your NTIFL (NetTally) email address OR existing address will stay the same and all of the following Google Apps™ will be included with your upgraded NTIFL Plus account:

  • Gmail - Inbox with search function: keep and find everything.
  • Calendar - Makes sharing calendars and schedules with family, friends or colleagues easy.
  • Docs - Makes collaborating as easy as creating documents.
  • Sites - Allows you to manage your own sites.
  • Talk - Instant messaging and video chat as easy as email.
  • Mobile Synch - Stay in contact while on the go.

What We're Migrating

We will be migrating your email data as follows:

  • Messages in your current webmail Inbox (including subfolders) and Sent folder → to your new NTIFL Plus webmail account
  • Personal contacts in your webmail address book → to Personal Contacts in your new NTIFL Plus webmail account

If you haven't accessed your email box via a client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) or in webmail in the past 180 days, please be aware that it will not be migrated to the new platform and will be disabled in the current email system. Please make sure that you access all of your email addresses before October 29, 2011 12:00am.

Please Note: We will NOT be migrating webmail calendar appointments or contents.

Migration Schedule

October 29, 2011, from 12:00am - 5:00am, EDT

If you have any questions please contact NTIFL for assistance at 850-671-4007 / 866-586-1598. Email migration issues have been covered in multiple communications and with multiple resources. For this reason we will prioritize connectivity issues during after hours and weekend support. Your return call on email issues may be delayed.

Remember that you can use webmail to check your email at any time. Simply go to mail.yourdomain where yourdomain is the last part of your email address. For example, mail.nettally.com or mail.tnni.net.

Thank you.